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Best Tips to Maintain and Enjoy Your Hoverboard
- Apr 11, 2017 -

Congratulations on your hoverboard purchase! You're the brand new owner of one of the hottest tech products out there. 

Before going out and gliding around the streets in style, make sure to read this useful info below that only experienced hoverboarders know!

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Charging your Hoverboard

It usually depends if your hoverboard comes out of the box with a full charge or not. 

We usually recommend riding your hoverboard first until it fully runs out of battery. 

Then take your hoverboard and charge it up to one hour and ride it again. 

Don't charge for more than 1.5 hours, as it may deteriorate the battery quality.

Avoiding Battery Damage

Hoverboards have lithium batteries which usually recharge quickly. 

The battery charger should not be left plugged into the scooter for more than 2 hours depending on how long the scooter was previously used for. 

We usually recommend people to charge their hoverboards for one hour, and a max of 1.5 hours.

It is important to note that if the battery charger is left on for more than two hours then it could possibly overheat and burn out, causing damage to your hoverboard. 

Always check the hoverboard manual, keep track and get to know how your battery charges and works.

Learn how to ride a Hoverboard

Learning how to ride a hoverboard is as easy as learning how to ride a bike. For a hoverboard, balance is key. 

For more detailed information, check out our page How to Ride Your Hoverboard for in-depth step by step guidelines.

Carrying your Hoverboard

Most boards weigh 20-plus pounds, many closer to 30. For someone in average shape that's doable to lug around for brief periods, but will be a burden for a great distance or a long time. 

Its best to carry it in a carrying bag, and not just by hand. Not only does it expose the hoverboard to scratches, 

it's only dangerous to carry an expensive item around by the streets. Instead, utilize a carrying bag made specifically for the hoverboard to protect and carry your hoverboard. It's a small price to pay for your investment. 

We sell bags for only $15. Grab one here.

Cleaning your Hoverboard

When you clean an electric scooter hoverboard it is very important to note that all the electricity should be cut off in case of damage to the scooter and potential dangers. 

Soft cloth could be used to clean the surface of the electric scooter.

Be careful not use high-pressure cleaning system, steam system, high pressure water or air to clean the hoverboard. 

To maintain your hoverboard will keep it working for longer and will save you money.

Troubleshooting your Hoverboard

If you have an issue with your hoverboard, don't panic. There likely have been countless people who have been in a similar situation as you are. 

We recommend the best way to troubleshoot your hoverboard is to isolate all the potential issues that might be wrong with the hoverboard and then hone in to fix it. 

Read more on our post on how to troubleshoot your hoverboard.