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Cell phone battery manufacturer of polymer lithium battery, charging magic
- Nov 22, 2016 -

The most basic, charging capacity and price is proportional to the treasure. 

In general, the small capacity of the charging Po relatively cheap price, so that the number of mobile devices to charge less. 

Large-capacity charging Po's price is generally a little more expensive, but still within the scope of people's acceptance, after all, you pay for. 

However, the specific size of its capacity to judge the standard still in everyone's subjective opinion. 

Some people think ten thousand milliamperes are great, some people think it is relatively small. 

Therefore, it can accept the price is different.

Secondly, it is also with the number of its functions, and strong or not. 

In general, are containing LED lights than the average charge of the lights do not have the price of a little expensive. 

Because, with LED lights, greatly facilitates people's lives. 

In the dark, it replaced the flashlight function.