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How to Share Your Phone hot-spot With Your Computer
- May 10, 2017 -

Although this is happend rare, i mean only your phone can connact with your WIFI at home or other public places,

but it happened to me very often, as i haven't buy WIFI services at home.

So, i have share my phone hotspot with my computer sometimes at home.

Note, Before you do it, please make sure you open your phone data.

Ok, Here is the progress how it works:

  1. connected your phone to your computer by USB cable;

  2. goint to settings ;

  3. click "Personal hotspot";


  4. click "Share phone network via USB"


It may takes few seconds before success connected,

So,please wait for a while.

Then, You can check on your computer whether it is works or not,

Try to open your google or any internet page.

Actually, it is also work on VPN connect,

As long as your phone VPN opens.

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