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Smart phone accessories, mobile phone charger options do not casually
- Apr 27, 2017 -

Speaking of mobile phone charger security issues, Meizu PRO 6 released a few days ago, 

but also to the PRO 6 standard charger has been upgraded, although the continuation of the PRO-5 on the USB-C interface, 

but the data transmission specifications to upgrade to USB3.1 Gen1, and equipped with mCharge3.0 fast charge technology, 

charging power up to 24W, 2.4 times faster than the standard 5V2A charge, 10 minutes to charge 24%, 60 minutes to full. 

So that the speed of visible current and voltage is very large, which for the charger requirements are very high. 

Meizu charge for such a charge a lot of thought, not only to be safe and reliable, but also fast charging 

Although there are many smart phones with fast charge technology, but how many people thought of this fast charger is safe? 

For smart phones, perhaps a lot of people pay more attention to, and its accessories are not on the heart, 

especially for its charging head and charging line, I believe many people will have this experience, 

cell phone charger or charging line is broken, will Near the street just buy a charging head, cheap, also ten dollars, 

but you can think about this is not the original charger, will not charge cell phone batteries, the most important is whether there are security risks, 

for these, Perhaps many people have not thought about it, many people feel that such things are far from their own.