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The type of mobile power supply is related to the matching of electronic products
- Nov 22, 2016 -

As a mobile power supply manufacturers of electronic products, relative to no brand of mobile power, 

the brand mobile power has the authority of the relevant electronic product certification, a mobile power with the relevant certification, 

Standards, product quality, safety performance also has the corresponding protection, after-sales service will be more in place. 

For the average mobile phone charging voltage and current are 5V / 1A, 

if your digital products are special, then the interface and the business will be confirmed. 

Or choose to buy a multi-connector configuration or multi-interface current output of mobile power, 

such as SINO's SINO Power bank series are configured for multi-adapter mobile power for 95% of the market digital product interface. 

SINO B8000, SINO A10, SINO B10 and other products are configured in the case of multi-adapter to increase the output current of different interfaces to meet the needs of different digital products, charging.