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Mobile Phone Battery Cover

Mobile Phone Battery Cover selection
1. There are many kinds of materials for mobile phone protective cases. Most of them are probably made of silicone, TPU, PC, ABS, leather and metal. Silicone has been popular in the past few years. In recent years, due to the development of more materials and processes, many shortcomings of silica gel have been dissatisfied with users, so they gradually lost their advantages. Silicone is not easy to dissipate heat, and the process is not good, it seems to have a lower grade and a single shape.
2. The more popular mobile phone case is made of PC and ABS. The PC name is polycarbonate, which is a thermoplastic engineering plastic. PC material has strong impact resistance, good toughness, high transparency, non-toxicity and convenient processing. Generally, in the process, the PC shell will be plated or sprayed with rubber oil, and some pattern patterns can be transferred to make the mobile phone case look more upscale and exquisite, and also very beautiful.
3. ABS material is relatively harder. There is very little mobile phone case made of pure ABS material. The heat resistance and impact resistance are not as good as PC material, but ABS material has great fluidity, coloring, surface coating and plating performance. Advantage. Now there is a new process called in-mold injection molding. At present, it is basically made of ABS plastic, and the surface material is PET. The advantage of this process is that the surface of the casing can be made into a richer pattern, similar to the transfer process, but more delicate than the transfer pattern, the details are more perfect, the texture is very strong, and it looks very tasteful.
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