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Mobile Phone Touch Panel with Pre-Install Frame

Mobile Phone Touch Panel with Pre-Install Frame includes various mobile phone frame touch screens such as Front Glass Replacement Screen Bezel Frame For IPhone 5s Replacement Touch Screen Panel Front Glass Repair Protective Cover White, Screen Replacement For IPhone 6 Plus Cell Phone Front Outer Glass Lens Pre Install Bezel Frame Touch Screen Panel Repair Protective Cover With Tools White, Front Outer Glass Lens With Pre Installed Bezel Frame Black Replacement Touch Screen Repair Protective Cover For IPhone 5 White, and the like.
First, touch sensitivity
1. Resistive touch screen: It is necessary to use pressure to make contact with each layer of the screen. You can use your fingers (even with gloves), nails, stylus, etc. to operate. Support for stylus is important in the Asian market, where gestures and text recognition are valued.
2. Capacitive touch screen: The most subtle contact from the surface of a charged finger can also activate the capacitive sensing system at the bottom of the screen. Non-living objects, nails, and gloves are invalid. Handwriting recognition is more difficult.
Second, accuracy
1. Resistive touch screen: The accuracy is at least a single display pixel, which can be seen with the stylus. It is easy to recognize by hand and helps to operate under the interface of small control elements.
2. Capacitive touch screen: The theoretical accuracy can reach several pixels, but it is actually limited by the finger contact area. It is difficult for the user to accurately click on a target of less than 1 cm 2 .
Maintenance method
1. The touch screen and buttons are all out of order (some of them are normal when they are turned on): soldering or replacing the touch IC; adding or replacing the CPU; writing software (the button is out of order, the touch is normally stuck for a certain button).
2. The touch screen is malfunctioning. The button is normal: change the touch screen. Add welding or change the touch IC. Plant CPU. Check the line or short circuit. (Normal software and CPU are also bad but rare).
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