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Mobile Phone Touch Panel

Mobile Phone Touch Panel, also known as touch panel, is an inductive liquid crystal display device that can receive input signals such as contacts. When touched on the on-screen graphic buttons, the on-screen tactile feedback system can drive each according to a pre-programmed program. A connecting device can be used instead of a mechanical button panel to create a live-action audio and video effect through a liquid crystal display.
1. Touching the new concept and feeling of the mobile phone, the touch panel and the surface of the mobile phone case are completely flat, the structure is sealed, the dust is prevented, and the reaction speed is also very fast.
2. The handwriting is smooth, feels comfortable, the screen is clean, and the appearance is beautiful; the material is too hard and not easy to break.
3. The thickness is thinner than conventional touch screens, which is advantageous for structural design. For these features.
4. The thickness of the acrylic panel can be adjusted, it is softer and the life can be extended a lot.
Main type
There are two types of mobile phone touch screens: resistive screens and capacitive screens. Most popular touch screens are lens screens, which are flat-level resistors and mirror-capacitive screens. Most of Nokia's are resistive screens, and the capacitive screens are iphones.
Resistive touch screen is commonly called "soft screen", and is mostly used in mobile phones of Windows Mobile system;
Capacitive touch screens are commonly referred to as "hard screens", such as the iPhone and G1, which use this type of screen.
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