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14 New Features In Android O You Need To Know About
- May 22, 2017 -

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           Android O: Latest News And Features

            9 Things Every Android Owner Should Try Right Now

1. New emojis


Google redesigned Android's emojis. They now look more cartoonish, and it's easier to decipher exactly what each face is intended to convey.

2. Picture in picture


With Android O you can continue a video call from Duo or watching a video started in Chrome using the PiP mode.

Using it is simple -- just tap the home button when the video is playing and Android O takes care of the rest.

3. App shortcuts and widgets


Starting with Android Nougat, users could long-press on an app icon to use app shortcuts for common tasks.

With Android O, the look of shortcuts has been refined, and you can now access an app's widgets from the shortcut menu.

4. New settings menu


The Settings app has once again been redesigned. The slideout menu is gone, and settings have been recategorized.

This is going to take some getting used to, no doubt.

5. Smart text select


Instead of fiddling with text selection tools, Google is adding smart text select to Android O. This feature isn't live in the current beta, but this GIF shows you how it'll work.

Basically, Android O will identify things like addresses or phone numbers on its own. 

Double-tap the text to highlight what you need to copy, or use the new app shortcut next to the Copy button to speed up the interaction.

6. Scanning apps for safety


To reassure users, Google is making its security measures more prominent throughout Android O.

This menu is found in the Settings app under Security, where you can view how often apps are scanned and when they were last scanned.

Presumably, this section will also help you deal with an app Android O deems unsafe.

7. Auto-enable Wi-Fi


If you disable Wi-Fi when you're away from home, you'll never have to remember to turn it back on again.

Android O offers the option to have Wi-Fi turn back on when you are near a known, safe Wi-Fi network, such as your home.

8. New battery settings


Android O battery usage stats are getting little more granular.

When you view an app's usage stats, it now includes how much battery was due to active use or in the background.

9. Night Light slider


You can adjust the intensity of the blue light filter when using Android's Night Light mode.

10. Change the shape of app icons


It's unclear if the ability to change the shape of app icons in Android O will end up being limited to the Pixel launcher, or if it is a feature coming to all Android O devices.

To look for it, long-press on the home screen, and tap Settings.

11. Persistent notifications get smaller


Persistent notifications are annoying, but part of Android. With Android O, those notifications will be less prominent.

You can still view the entire notification with a tap, but by default the notification will be minimized.

12.New Quick Settings look


Quick Settings tiles get a new look and icons yet again.

13.Notification Dots


Notification badges aren't just for iOS now.

Starting with Android O, Notification Dots appear on an app icon when you have a pending alert.

And for those who hate the idea, yes, you can disable Notification Dots.

14. Autofill passwords... in apps


Google is extending its autofill tech beyond Chrome and into apps.

This screenshot is from Snapchat, which isn't updated for Android O, but I was still prompted to let Google fill in my credentials and log me in to the app.

Password managing apps, such as 1Password, will also have the option to support autofill within apps.