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Bluetooth Headset How To Charge?
- Nov 22, 2016 -
  1. Select the appropriate charger.

    General Bluetooth headset has a dedicated charger, 

    if you do not have a dedicated charger, 

    you can find the charging interface (some fine mouth round hole,  

    and some MiniUSB universal interface) the same, 

    and the rated output power of the same charger.

2. When charging all plugs should be inserted into, 

   do not just insert a half, so that a long time to damage the machine. 

   Plug in the charging plug, to light some, otherwise a long time will cause the plug loose.

3. If the Bluetooth headset plug in the base or charging box charging, 

   charging is completed than directly to the Bluetooth headset to charge a long time. 

   Charging method and directly to the headset to charge, 

   as the charging line into the base of the hole can be inserted.