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Hoverboard Safety Tips
- Apr 12, 2017 -

Hoverboards appeared suddenly in stores and became relatively popular. 

Unfortunately, people are now finding out these devices can be dangerous and are mostly unregulated. 

Here are some practical hoverboard safety tips for everyone.


Wear Good Protective Gear

The first tip is to wear good protective gear. There is every possibility that you could fall off a hoverboard. 

A fall could lead to broken bones, head trauma or major cuts. Wear a helmet every time you ride. 

You also want to wear knee and elbow pads so that you can be safe if you hit the ground hard.

Avoid Major Streets and Roads

A hoverboard is not a powerful device. You are also completely exposed while using one. 

Stay off major streets and roads whenever possible. 

You want to limit the hoverboard to sidewalks, parks and possibly bike trails. 

Attempting to ride in the street on a hoverboard could result in an accident involving a car or cyclist.

Maintain and Recalibrate Your Board Regularly

Take a minute to maintain and calibrate your board about once every week or month depending on usage. 

You will be unable to accurately control an uncalibrated hoverboard. You also want to keep the hoverboard clean. 

Wipe down the surface and clear debris away from the tires to ensure it works well.

Charge the Board in A Safe Place

A major safety issue with hoverboards is that the battery and charging mechanisms might not work as intended. 

The result has been hoverboards that catch on fire or burst into flames while being charged. 

You want to charge your hoverboard in a safe place free from clutter and debris. 

A garage with a concrete floor is a good choice.

Keep Your Feet Grounded and Centered

A final safety tip is to keep your feet grounded and centered on the board. 

You do not want to ride on your toes or your heels. 

You need to center your feet so that your weight comes down directly in the middle of the board. 

This will prevent you from falling or sliding off while riding.

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