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Sports & Entertainment & Electronics includes fingertip gyros (such as Factory Custom printed gift spinner light up top fidget hand spinner toys trilateral fingertip gyroscope toy and Fidget Spinner Toy Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy For ADHD Anxiety Autism Green, etc.) and balance cars.Take fingertip gyro as an example.
The fingertip gyro is a small toy with a bearing symmetrical structure that can be idling on the finger. It is composed of a bidirectional or multidirectional symmetry body, and a bearing design is embedded in the middle of the main body to form a planar rotation. The new item, the basic principle of this item is similar to the traditional gyro, but it needs to be grasped and toggled with a few fingers to make it rotate.
The fingertip gyro is composed of a two-way or multi-directional symmetrical body. The design combination of a bearing is embedded in the middle of the main body to form a new type of object that can be rotated in a plane. The basic principle of this kind of article is similar to that of the traditional gyro, but it needs to be utilized. Hold and toggle a few fingers to make it rotate.
The fingertip gyro has only one main physical effect, which is to rely on the bearing rolling principle to achieve the rotation effect. To play the fingertip gyro, only need to use the pinch force of the thumb and another finger to provide a fixed fulcrum, and then use the third fingertip to make a move. It can be rotated. In addition, the design, morphological structure, main material and surface treatment of the fingertip gyro are different, and the appearance innovation is also endless. Therefore, the rotation effect of the fingertip gyro is diversified and plastic.
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