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Tablets Touch Screen Panels

Difference analysis of Tablets Touch Screen Panels
1) Resistive screen: low cost, pressure sensing, high precision, and can be operated by any object. Disadvantages, at most only fake four-wire multi-touch, low light transmittance, easy to scratch the surface. This screen is mostly used for low-end products.
2) Capacitive screen: high transmittance, multi-touch, not easy to scratch. Disadvantages, high cost, charge sensing, can only be used for abdominal operations, oil, water vapor and other liquids will affect the touch operation. It can only be rotated 90 degrees or 180 degrees.
3) Piezoelectric screen: the cost is lower than 20~30% of the capacitive screen, pressure sensing, multi-point operation, it is said that dozens of points can be achieved, the transmittance is equivalent to the capacitive screen, can be operated by other objects, the precision is the same as the resistance screen , can be rotated at any angle (requires system support). Disadvantages, like the resistive screen, the surface is easily scratched.
4) Electromagnetic screen: It can only be operated by electromagnetic pen. It is mainly used for electronic reading products. It seems that there is no tablet computer to use this screen.
Personally feel that the piezoelectric screen is better, the surface is easy to scratch the shortcomings, you can paste high-strength film to solve, usually love to protect a little. However, due to the late start of the piezoelectric screen technology, there are few on the market, and there is no touch. It may not feel like a capacitive screen. Now it seems that only a tablet with a smart device brand uses a piezoelectric screen. If you are eager to buy, choose a capacitive screen. If you are not in a hurry, you can wait, and the tablet with a piezoelectric screen will definitely increase gradually.
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