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The TV box is an external device. Its advantage is that it can not occupy IRQ (middle end), no host, PLUG & PLAY (plug and play), no need to install drivers. Now many TV boxes have added the function of collecting programs.
working principle
1. Connect to the network and use Internet resources for free.
2. Connect the TV and let the living room TV become the entertainment center of the whole family.
3. Rich interface, let the network TV box have more functions.
TV boxes are mainly divided into two categories according to the interface. The first category is the most common VGA TV box. VGA TV box, as its name suggests, is mainly connected by VGA interface. It can be connected to the display without any driver and software support. It is quite convenient to operate. Different from the TV card, the VGA TV box adopts an external independent design, which can work independently from the computer host and can watch TV without the host. Since the internal PCB of the TV box has an outer casing protection, electromagnetic interference inside the chassis is not only avoided, and there is no compatibility problem. But the shortcomings of the VGA TV box are also obvious, that is, there is no recording function. It is usually used by TVs that are connected to a monitor or projector to watch a large screen.
Another second category of TV boxes is the TV box called HD Digital - DVI TV Box, or even HDMI TV Box. The DVI TV box is also the TV box for the DVI interface. The DVI is called the DigitalVisualInterface and its appearance is a 24-pin connector. The digital signal is transmitted, and the digital image information does not need to be converted.
Compared with the traditional analog VGA interface, the tedious conversion process from digital to analog to digital is reduced, signal loss is avoided, and image sharpness and detail expression are improved. Most projectors or mid- to high-end LCD monitors are also equipped with a DVI digital interface.
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